We offer project-based workshops in a variety of areas. Our workshops are designed both to teach newbies from scratch, and help experienced individuals upgrade their skills to the next level. Please note that workshops are held based on demand, with anywhere between 5 to 15 students at a time, depending on the topic. Please click on the link below to arrange a workshop. You can also reach out to us at



3D printing is a powerful tool in design and prototyping, and is slowly becoming the future of manufacturing. Through our courses, students will learn to model products using CAD software and 3D-print these models. They will also learn the intricacies of the 3D printing process and will learn to apply it to various domains, following good principles of design.



Arduino is a microcontroller that has become a staple in prototyping. This small but powerful device serves as the processing unit for many different electronics projects. Students can learn to make interactive prototypes incorporating various sensors and actuators. They will also learn to hook up any product to the internet using the ESP8266 WiFi module. Along the way, students will learn basic coding, networking, and electronics - an essential set of skills for any maker.


Our space is equipped with a science lab for chemistry, biology, and physics experiments. We also have a large rooftop space that lends itself for large and messy science activities! We having multiple running workshop series featuring science experiments to teach students hands-on science.



Robots have begun to be deployed in many different fields and robotics is an area ripe for growth in India. For budding roboticists and individuals interested in more advanced software and electronics, our courses introduce essential topics in robotics and teach how to make robots with advanced software and sophisticated sensors using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Students will also learn to use prototyping tools such as 3D printers and woodworking machines, and will gain exposure to future directions of growth such as the fields of computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Pre-requisites: Some experience with coding, Arduino, and electronics is recommended. Our Arduino and IoT workshop is a great preparatory course.



Wood is a wonderful prototyping material, it is easy to work with and procure. Students will learn to use various machines and hand tools for prototyping. Students will also get exposure to basic mechanics and will work on designing the prototype for a mechanical product with wood through this course.


Individuals with an artistic bend will get a chance to gain exposure to 3D printers, modeling software, woodworking, basic electronics, and basic coding to explore the use of cutting-technologies for generating beautiful art. We will also integrate handicraft techniques through the course to help students create uniquely Indian designs.



Students will work on a project with local communities in Powai, understand their problems, and create map-based solutions for non-profits, policy makers, and government institutions for issues around sustainable development such as waste management and green cover.