Frontline health workers in peri-urban Delhi


Ridya is a married woman in her late twenties with two young children. She works as frontline health worker for the government in slum communities in Delhi. Growing up in a low-income family, she did not have the luxury of pursuing further education and studied only till 10th grade. As a result, she does not qualify for most employment positions and cannot be promoted. Yet, Ridya remains ambitious. She is tech-savvy and is aware that emerging jobs are in the technology sector and require digital literacy.

Ridya’s work has provided her with deep knowledge of the kinds of medical conditions that are most prevalent in her region and the underlying factors for these conditions. Her expertise is so finely honed that she is better able to identify problems than the doctor at the local primary healthcare clinic who is unable to differentiate between measles and heat-related rashes. Her work as a health worker gave her a measure of financial independence and physical mobility in a conservative society and she is keen to do more with her skills. Given her enthusiasm for technology and deep understanding of healthcare problems, she has the potential to generate new and relevant solutions. MakerGhat can help her leverage this expertise and further her digital skills in relevant domains such as data science.

Azra Ismail