Amateur videogame developers in government colleges in Mumbai


Dhiraj is a second-year student in Computer Science at a small government college in Mumbai. He is a former student at Asha Mumbai and a current volunteer. His practical experience is mostly self-driven: he taught himself Unity through online courses and by attending free seminars around the city. Dhiraj hopes to enter the video game industry and has even uploaded trailers of some of his games on a YouTube channel. He is also interested in diversifying his skill set and becoming an expert in VR content production.

Not only can MakerGhat help Dhiraj polish his portfolio and train him in VR production, it can provide him a platform to showcase and share his skills with students and professionals, gain feedback on his games, launch his own company, or sell his product to an industry partner. Dhiraj also has first-hand experience with the challenges and barriers that low-income students face in pursuing further education. He is clearly motivated to guide junior students and would make for a great volunteer and mentor at MakerGhat.

Azra Ismail