We have a 1000 square foot wifi-enabled space in Powai with rooftop access. We have 5 areas to support making of different kinds: an electronics room, 3D printing and PC workstation, science lab, woodworking shop, and design and workshop studio. We also have a community kitchen! Below are the services we provide and the equipment we have available. In addition to these, we also have a collaboration with the Tinkerer’s Lab at IIT Bombay to support projects that may need heavy equipment such as a CNC mill, CNC lathe, laser cutter, and more.

In addition to a host of activities in our makerspace, we also conduct workshops for students and educators at schools, colleges, and ngos in and around Powai. We also offer mentorship to students and educators, and curriculum support remotely. Please see the Programs Tab for more details.

Our Space


Equipment and Materials

Cardboard Construction, Woodworking, Digital Fabrication, 3D Printing,
Virtual Reality, Robotics, Sewing, Lego, Chemistry and Biology Lab,
Arts and Crafts, Design thinking, Leadership and Communication, and MORE!


Services we Offer

  • Subscription-based access to facilities and materials for cardboard construction, woodworking, digital fabrication, electronics, 3D printing, virtual reality, sewing, and more.

  • Workshops for training on various tools, software, prototyping skills, design approaches, and leadership and communication. We also do teacher training workshops around hands-on project-based learning.

  • Mentorship for personal development and technical skills.

  • Seminars and Story Hours organized by companies, universities, and non-profit organizations.

  • Field Trips including tours and hands-on classes on mechanics, circuits, and others.

  • Event Spaces for organizations and groups of individuals.