Prototyping Instructor (Part-Time)

Position Title: Prototyping Instructor
Type: Part-Time, Paid Position
Duration: Minimum 6 months
Location: Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Salary: INR 5000 per month

Responsibilities of Position:

  1. Mentor students

  2. Teach workshops

  3. Lead technical expert, and will assist students and teams on all project work/questions

  4. Supervise the building of a portfolio of projects for MakerGhat, and ensure that projects are on schedule


  1. Minimum Qualification—completed or currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in any field

  2. Must be a highly responsible/mature individual with an eye for detail

  3. Seeking an individual with strong communication skills

  4. Applicant should be comfortable conversing in Hindi and English

  5. Applicant must have a strong interest in education, development, and design

  6. Applicant must also have good writing and IT/Computer skills

Additional Perks:

  1. Full and free access to the makerspace and all tools, programs, and resources

  2. Future letter of recommendation and certificates from the founding team and partners

  3. 15 hours per week, flexible work hours

How to Apply: Please submit a CV/resume and a cover letter to on or before 21 June, 2019. Please ensure the email subject line is the title of the position you are applying for. Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

About the Organization: MakerGhat is a community-run, non-profit makerspace and incubator situated in an urban low-income neighborhood in Powai (Mumbai). We are the first space in Mumbai to offer youth from socio-economically poor neighborhoods with access to a staffed makerspace where they can engage with cutting-edge hardware and software across diverse engineering and emerging technology domains. MakerGhat is founded and supported by researchers from Stanford University (USA), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B, Mumbai), and the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA). We have secured top engineering talent at these universities to provide technical and mentorship support to our makers and staff. Learn more at

Questions? Contact with the title of the position you are applying for as the email subject.