Partner with Us: Join Workshops, Projects, and More


Currently, at MakerGhat, we offer the following core workshops

  1. Robotics

  2. Arduino/Internet of Things

  3. Woodworking

  4. Modeling and 3D Printing

  5. Art and Making

  6. Community GIS

Quick Notes

  1. All of these classes will meet two or three times a week (or we can do one long session in the weekend), and timings can be determined based on your convenience. Students will do hands-on work for 4-6 hours every week with expert trainer supervision and support.

  2. Cost will be INR 350 per student per month. We will cover all material costs, teacher fees, and other expenses within this cost.

  3. We are happy to offer these sessions to students from 6th grade and above. We will offer each session to not more than 15 students at a time. If there are more students interested in a specific workshop, we can split them into multiple batches at no additional cost.

  4. Ideally, we will run a workshop for 3 months before we can successfully achieve our desired learning outcomes from the program.

Developed by Stanford University researchers, our program and space are designed to foster active and hands-on learning, tinkering and constructionism, and project-based situated learning. We have weaved together a curriculum that will build technical rigor on fundamental design, engineering, prototyping, and testing. This curriculum aims to connect students to the core teachings of their primary formal education institution (whether high school, vocational training, or public undergraduate university) and also introduce them to a variety of real-world application areas for these problem-solving skills. Alongside the technical rigor, the curriculum will also foster building interpersonal skills, specifically: leadership, project and team management, and public speaking.

The curriculum is designed to minimize lecture-style education and passive instruction; all artifacts of the program will be project-driven or active learning-based.


Student Learning Objectives

  1. Develop hands-on technical expertise and experience as a mechanical, electrical, computer engineer, or artist

  2. Develop critical problem-solving skills as part of a whole suite of rapid prototyping skills

  3. Foster entrepreneurial resilience and humility

  4. Develop design-thinking sensibilities with a focus on inclusiveness in design

  5. Develop public speaking skills to better articulate project work and ideas

  6. Think about grand challenge problems, and understand how STEM fields currently address them and can potentially address them in the future

Workshop Timeline

The suggested timeline for student enrollment is 3 months.

For a student who wants to enroll and work towards a formal certificate of completion of the workshop, she/he will be required to complete a capstone project which will be independently reviewed by at least 2 mentors; this includes preparing a proposal presentation, submitting 2-3 prototypes, doing a field test, and presenting the final deliverable.

Students who successfully complete this will be provided with a certificate of completion of the workshop.

We have limited spaces for workshops and we can guarantee spots on a first-come-first-serve basis. We would be happy to enter into a formal MoU if you are keen on long-term collaborations and partnerships.

Please contact our team at to take this forward. Thank you for your time!