creativity, curiosity, and community
through making.


A Non-Profit Community Makerspace in Powai, Mumbai.

MakerGhat is a community-operated non-profit makerspace and incubator situated in Powai (Mumbai), set up with the support of Stanford University and Asha for Education, Mumbai. We provide highly subsidized access to a staffed makerspace where students, hobbyists, and professionals can engage with cutting-edge hardware and software across diverse engineering and emerging technology domains.

Our goal is to inspire a culture of making, exploration, and creativity. We not only provide a safe space for experimentation, but train youth to serve as volunteers and gain in-depth experience with troubleshooting and debugging.

On one end, we identify talented and driven youth, including those from under-resourced neighborhoods and under-represented groups. On the other end, we connect them to programs and opportunities in incubators, industry, and academia. In the middle, we train and support our students with the design, engineering, and leadership skills necessary for gainful employment.

What do we offer?

We partner with local government colleges, government schools, and non-profit organizations to offer after-school workshops, weekend seminars, and mentorship opportunities to students to support collaboration on projects, and build a civic and empathetic mindset through the culture of making. See our Programs for more information on how we can support you and your organization!

  • Subscription-based access to facilities and materials for cardboard construction, woodworking, digital fabrication, electronics, 3D printing, virtual reality, sewing, and more.

  • Workshops for training on various tools, software, prototyping skills, and design approaches. We also do teacher training around hands-on learning.

  • Mentorship for personal development and technical skills.

  • Seminars and Story Hours by companies and other organizations.

  • Field Trips for schools including tours and hands-on classes on mechanics, circuits, and others.

  • Event Spaces for organizations and groups of individuals.

Who is involved?

MakerGhat is founded by graduates and doctoral students from Stanford University (USA), Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B, Mumbai). We have secured top engineering talent at these universities to provide technical and mentorship support to our makers and staff. We are also partnering with Asha for Education, a non-profit established in Mumbai for the last ten years, who we have worked on various technology projects for the last three years. This initiative is establishing a longer-term engagement with them.

We also engage the local community by training youth to volunteer at the space and gain practical expertise with troubleshooting and debugging, along with leadership and communication skills.